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What We Do


The KSF-9 is a leading provider of security services in India with diverse solutions across the security spectrum. The portfolio of services includes security design and solutions, fire safety, event security, VIP protection, aviation security, emergency response, investigation work and integrated technology solutions providing man-tech solutions.



Facility Management services are designed and delivered according to the customers need; be it housekeeping services, janitorial support, HVAC repairs or pest control. We have shown significant growth over the past few years in this space with a nationwide presence like few others. The clients are as diverse as our services, ranging from households, businesses, Housekeeping and industrial establishments.


IT & Non IT Sectors

Technology is at the forefront of driving change across how we interact with people and things around us. The pandemic has highlighted the need for organizations to scale even faster in order to keep up with their customer and enterprise demands in this digital world. Tech companies are key enablers and are continuously differentiating themselves through investments

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