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Continuity planning helps organizations prepare for growth and develop contingency plans for emergencies. Ultimately, facility management creates a productive environment that allows the organization to focus on its core mission and goals. We will open the door of success for you.

Providing Customized Security Solutions

KSF-9 and our 10,000 employees help companies of all sizes and industries achieve superior security results, is a knowledge leader in the security industry, providing security solutions that produce efficiencies while saving both time and money.

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Our new brand identity shows the expertise and diversity of our people, along with the impact of what we do every day. Watch our brand video!

Facility Management

"Improving Quality of Life, from Offices to Production Plants"

We're passionate about offering first-class Integrated facilities management services

Integrated facilities management, taking care of your end-to-end facilities needs, is definitely good for business. It helps you create consistent service levels. Proactively respond to potential disruptions. Create global best practice at competitive prices. And KSF-9 also gives you a unique combination of global expertise and local knowledge.

Our multidisciplinary team of professionals have experience in delivering FM services to many different sectors, whether you require commercial maintenance, private sector, public sector services or something else. We’re proud of our excellent reputation as a high-quality FM company who provide a range of clients with excellence time and time again.

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Our new brand identity shows the expertise and diversity of our people, along with the impact of what we do every day. Watch our brand video!

Why to Choose Us

We are locally and globally owned and managed company that knows the environment we cover. We treat every client differently according to their needs. We put together unique plans for each customer and his needs. We are passionate about delivering the very best outcomes for our clients, and treat every organization we work with as if it was our own. We want our clients to know that our company really cares about them, and everyone from our directors to our cleaning operatives takes their quality of work seriously. We don’t wait for problems to happen, we go in, troubleshoot and implement solutions

Engaging our own staff

Unlike many other large maintenance companies where the work is subcontracted, our self-delivery model has enabled us to provide more effective and superior quality to our cliental. Our company operates in an environment of end-point communication; unlike the direct and sub-contracting policies which involve multi point communication.

Working with an ethical and responsible employer

To us, people are our biggest asset. Keeping that in mind, we are committed to providing a safe work environment ensuring employees are well cared for and are appropriately remunerated, in line with legislative requirements. We actively promote true fairness and equality of opportunity from career development, to investing in our staffs’ expertise and helping them to fulfil their ambitions.

Well established transition capability

With our ability to scale up or down as required and with the experience and knowledge in the industry, we are committed to minimizing any disruption to your business and we will always endeavour to work with you as your business changes and abide by all agreements that have been put in place from day one and throughout our relationship.

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